JOB ft. Kno'Bodie

  • Release 2019
  • Genre Pop

Track List

Heart Of JOB has created an album about the struggle of a fatherless, Boy. An underprivileged ward of the State Kid growing up in the streets surviving, dealing with maternal Drug abuse working to make any passion a career. This album was created to express my pain, and joy of living against the standard, and proving everyone wrong. I pulled together a team of independent artists, producers, and songwriters to help with the project.

Some I’ve worked with, & developed for years, others I just recently met through the last 2 years of my career.  Conceived on a 2400 mile No U-Turn trip from Ohio to LA. The project is almost complete. We are mixing, mastering, shooting promotional, and music videos, and gearing up, to market the project. If you have a passion & believe in following inspiration, The music shares the story of a modern day JOB who has looked in the mirror and made that change!